Electrical Moulded Components & Materials
Electrical Moulded Components

We manufacture and supplies Electrical Moulded Components & Materials India. Electrical moulded components & finished products for customers in the electronics, automotive, consumer household industries, home appliance and other industrial products. Our company works with all types of high-reliability electrical components to manufacturing a large portfolio of global quality, custom-made and high precision products. We use latest technology components and materials to process electrical moulding.

Choose Right Electrical Moulded Components at Integralsys.in!!

We assist our clients in the selection of electrical moulded components and electromechanical components to meet the most complex design requirements, the specification of their products. Once your component design has finalised we start working on electrical moulding process and on its completion w proceed to final production of the component. Whatever your requirement is either small or large, simple or complex at Integral Systems, you will find the necessary resources and advanced techniques to achieve.

Salient Features of Electrical Moulded Component:

» Suitable for all common multi-component moulding processes: positioning & turning shaped components, bi-injection, composite injection moulding etc.
» Combination of wide variety of plastics, metals and semi-finished products into heterogeneous and homogeneous compounds