Electrical Moulded Components & Materials
Electromechanical Components

Integral Systems is a leading Electromechanical Components Manufacturers in India. Offering industrial and process automation components solutions. We are capable of producing electromechanical components at cost-effective prices within a given time. Electromechanical components are electrical switches, electrical light fittings, electronic switchgear box etc. Developing the right possible components and material combination in the industry towards demanding high performance and flexible advanced technology makes us face the challenges today and tomorrow! We ready to take challenges for customer satisfaction and demands.

Electromechanical Components & Materials:

In industrial or commercial applications to manufacture electrical components, most of the people are using plastics. Due to its premium thermal and insulating properties, plastics are widely used in electronics devices and lighting products. We are the most popular and leading various kinds of Electromechanical Components Manufacturers in India for electronics, automotive, telecommunications industry. Over the years, we have developed more than thousands products and supplied to our valuable clients and industries.

Features of Electromechanical Components:

» Light-Weight, Safe and Secure to use
» High Efficiency and Long Service Life
» High Power and Cost-Effective
» Several sizes and specifications