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Electrical & Electronic Industry Overview:

Electronic components are more useful in many applications and knowing about Manufacturers of Electronic Components in India and the companies that manufacture these components and the electronic segment is to be known. The Indian electronic system design & manufacturing ESDM industry components are experiencing a phase of vast potential. Looking at the current status of electronic production in the country will reach US 104 billion by the year 2020. This will create the great opportunity for companies and industries in the ESDM sectors to look at India as a subsequent destination to cater the demands as well as setting up the export hub over the world.

Choosing the right Electronic Components!!

Integral Systems, the company is headquartered in Bangalore, India, but manufactures and markets electronic switches and electromechanical components, modules and systems in India. We manufacture tiny toggle switches, rotary switches, electronic components etc. As we see there are top manufacturers of electronic components in India but the scaling up of performance, quality, firms and segment of the industry is yet to be recognized. Hence, Integral Systems is one of such platform providing all the additional benefits for scaling up the business of manufacturing electronic components to the industries, telecommunications and defense applications.

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